The sinking vessel

Somewhere back in 2008, I was travelling by bus from Beauvais airport to Paris during one of my frequent trips to the capital of France. I met a friend from France, and during the ride he asked me few questions about Italy and its political mess. I remember he asked “so is it really going that bad over there?”; I replied “imagine a bunch of pirates trying to steal as mush as they can before the vessel sinks down. The pirates are the people in our government, the vassel is the country and its economy”.

3 years later, Mr. Tremonti, Italy’s finance minister, speaks about the urgent reforms to approve and says “we’re like the Titanic“. Brilliant. Pity he did not mention the pirates.

2 thoughts on “The sinking vessel

  1. cyrus

    Senza contare che fino a poco fa noi eravamo (secondo loro, intendiamoci) quelli usciti meglio dalla crisi, che ce la saremmo lasciata alle spalle, che bisognava essere ottimisti e non catastrofici per vincerla.
    Adesso ci dicono che siamo sul titanic… ma tranquilli, lo sapevamo giĆ .
    Sperando di aver scialuppe a sufficienza.


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